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Depending on the advantage of technological basis and rich general contracting of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation the 14th Research Institute (CETC 14th Institute) and supported by government support and numerous support from members of Nanjing Mass Transit Industry Association, we are engaged in the general contracting management service of rail transit projects with PMC, EPC, BOT, PPP contracting mode.??

【Introduction of contracting mode】

Project Management Contract (PMC)

The management contractor who is appointed by the employer to act as it’s representative, to take control of overall project planning, project aim definition, tendering and bidding, EPC contractor selection, procurement, construction management with a package of comprehensive services throughout the whole project lifecycle.

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

Under an EPC contract, the contractor takes the responsibility of design, procurement, construction and trial operation, and also carries the project risk for quality, safety, schedule as well as budget.

Build and Transfer (BT)

It’s a form of project financing, wherein the public sector receives the private financing to build the non-profit infrastructural facilities. The investor shall finance, construct, and operate the facility. The project shall be delivered to the public sector as soon as the final check and acceptance is completed; the public sector shall pay off the debt in installments to the investor according with the repurchase agreement or by the land use right, and the investor shall make the guarantee of project quality within the warrantee period.

Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)

It’s a form of investment, building and operation of infrastructure facility projects, wherein a private entity receives a concession agreement from the public sector to raise finance, design, construct, operate a infrastructure facility stated in the concession contract within a certain period of time, and retain all revenues generated by the facility .

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

It’s a form of public service or product being delivered and operated through a partnership between government and private sector companies.

【Business scope of the general contracting service】

  • General contracting of a whole mass transit line (Civil Works + Rolling Stock + Electro-mechanical Equipment Systems)
  • General contracting of Electro-mechanic systems (including rolling stock)
  • General contracting of Electro-mechanic systems (excluding rolling stock)
  • General contracting of individual specialty systems (such as communication system, integrated automation system, propulsion & control system, etc)